about my works and classes (in English)

Thank you for your interest in my pastel works.



Thank you for you have interest in my pastel class. I would like to explain about my courses.
If you understand our conditions, I will welcome to your coming to Japan.

At first,
I would like to hold the contents of the courses for my students and instructors.
Therefore, you might care about few rules.
(1)Any contents of our courses don’t open to people unrelated to the course.
(2)Our Texts and contents don’t accept to open or using for other class .
(3)The sample paper to be handed out in the white course is belong to Sugimoto’s works.
(4)The sheet set to be delivered by the mandala class is protected by the patent law,
That is the reason , they don’t accept to use for production / commercial use without permission.
(5)Every contents and documents will be able to use for your creative action.

Please recognize to be the contents are different between to the course of the student and the course of the instructor.
If you want to be instructor , there are detailed conditions for each type of course.
If you want to get your any individual information. I will explain it .
I would be pleased if we could continue to interact for a long time and share the pleasures of pastels through our courses to many people.

I am sincerely grateful for your visit.